3 Reasons To Develop a Marketing Strategy PRIOR To Book Launch

3 Reasons To Develop a Marketing Strategy PRIOR To Book Launch

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There are many reasons why you need to develop a marketing strategy prior to your book launch, but for this article, there are three main points that you must digest to have your plan, hopefully, succeed much of the time.

1. It needs to be natural. The more natural your marketing strategy, the more it doesn’t appear like you are trying to shove books down the throats of the masses. It’s much easier to be yourself with an integrated plan versus a plan of rigorous, sometimes overbearing, marketing strategies. It takes time to develop a plan that doesn’t run your market away, but draws them naturally, without force.

2. It’s too late to develop the strategy once and after the book is a launched. You have 30 days or less to make the most capital in the shortest amount of time, on average. Sure, you will still earn, however, if you want to come out with a bang, and this can be hard to do for many. Therefore, pay attention to the book market, find your niche, study them and then develop a strategy for that narrow market. It isn’t broad.

3. Finally, having a marketing strategy gives you, the author, a chance to examine it and even make it better as you watch how it drives sales. You can’t study a strategy you don’t have in front of you, can you? Therefore, study how well the strategy works and learn how you can tweak it during and for the next go round, which should fair better than the previous.

These are the main three reasons for having a marketing plan implemented before book launch – IT MUST BE LIKE SECOND NATURE, IT’S ON TIME, AND PROVIDES ENOUGH REVIEW AND EXAMINATION TIME TO MAKE IT MUCH BETTER.

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