Book Trailers – Are They REALLY Necessary For Book Marketing?

Book Trailers – Are They REALLY Necessary For Book Marketing?

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Visuals are key to marketing any and everything, whether it be toys, appliances and oh yeah – books.  When discussing books, no, book trailers aren’t necessary, but they can do so much for a book – positively speaking.  

I’ve been in the business for over ten years now, and I must say that having a stimulating visual is always a winner. Although books are to be read in basic black and white print for the most part, one can’t dismiss the importance of utilizing the power of persuasion when it comes to a story that can win over a reader solely by pressing one button – play.

There are various ways to create videos that make dramatic impacts on audiences, but what I want to let you know is that since every audience isn’t quite the same and the tastes will vary, having two or three different book trailers is the best thing to do in order to deliver the biggest impact overall.

Here is an example of a simplified version of one of my book trailers for The Secret Novel Collection.  It’s not too much, but I have about three other versions, and two of the three draw in the most attention.

Have you ever watched a teaser trailer to a movie?  It gives the viewer maybe fifteen or twenty seconds of great footage to get you interested in finding out more? Do the same exact thing with your book trailer. Make a teaser, BEFORE the big release date.

Next, work on making a full out book trailer, at least two, that have take on two totally different moods that can be found in the book. To make this work, you must know your audiences very well. If you don’t know two main different audience types for your book, use only one mood and create two trailers. The reason for this is to capture the various tastes of people watching.

Fast food restaurants, commercials for most items you see on television have a specific ad for those on the east coast and west coast, south and north, even different countries, and they are advertising the SAME THING. Maybe the use of a different song in the background or altering appearances could do the trick, but the point is the grab the attention of the audience.

Finally, giving a book a visual can never go wrong unless it’s done tastelessly. This is when any author will run into a problem because it represents their work. Therefore, put in the necessary effort to get your book trailer done properly, and when you run your ad on social media or wherever, an audience somewhere will engage.

Mirika Mayo CorneliusThis article was written by author, blogger and literary visionary Mirika Mayo Cornelius. Learn more about her and read her books at  She will release a brand new exciting novel in the Fall 2015!

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