Don’t Overlook Obvious Networking Opportunities, Authors!

Don’t Overlook Obvious Networking Opportunities, Authors!

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Networking is the way of the business world, and for any entrepreneur, this should be one of the most natural things one learns how to do effectively.  No one starts off from the womb with a knack for it, but as time goes on, each and every person, author or not, should know how to engage in conversation with anyone as well as have the conversations that produces results for both parties.

This is called networking, but I like to call it making close friends and/or associates because that is truly what is going on – linking together of like minds in order to grow together in the same or different arenas.  Networking opportunities are everywhere, authors, and I want to mention a few that are right under your noses.

Book Festivals

Book festivals are where authors from all over the country get together to promote their books.  It is at these festivals where you can meet some of the most well known people to the not so well known, but the fact about every single one of these people are that they have a successful attitude and have become successful at all or a part of their writing career.

For example, just this year, I attended the biggest book festival in South Carolina.  There were consumers and there were also authors and book sellers from various cities.  Being a blogger, this came naturally with my OFF THE CUFFS, but I mingled and met just , including a not so well known by name but by the character he created, Roy Thomas, the man who created Ultron of the Avengers.  We spoke and he signed a book for my son.  Many people didn’t even know who he was because he wasn’t one of the featured presenters.  He was at a booth just like me as an exhibitor, and the absolutely most connected man in the building.  One would never know this without the proper dialogue and networking.

I met and interviewed so many people there until I really feel a connection with all of them, hoping to get together with them at a future date soon.  I never meet a stranger, so to me, these are lifetime associates.

Other mix and mingle events

It’s tempting, I know, for us authors to sit at home and feel our jobs are totally complete.  However, our jobs have just started.

Aspiring authors need to know that a part of publishing a book is mingling, especially if you are a first time author.  Only your circle knows you, and you must move beyond that circle.  Beyond that circle means meet strangers, yeah, those people you were advised not to talk to when you were growing up.

Scratch that.  Now that you’re an adult, find a safe place or venue where much is going on with people from all walks of life and talk to strangers.  Remember, you are a stranger to them as well, but hopefully, by the end of the event, whether it be a concert, barbeque, birthday party or even a school PTA meeting, you will be better acquainted with one another, thus, no longer strangers.

Social networks…(it’s in the title already)

Professionals know how to work the system.  That’s right.  They have been there and done that, and if done effectively, your online social networking on places like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc, including your own website, will allow you to travel far without the plane tickets.  After all, every seasoned author or entrepreneur knows that getting the most out of saving a dollar counts big time, and that is why online social networking can work magic for authors and speakers alike.

Gone are the days where the only way you can be face to face with someone is literally in their faces.  Even our phones can connect us freely to conduct business across the globe!  Be sure to download all the necessary apps to engage and enrich your life networking at the speed of light (exaggeration of course but you get my point).a

During my time running my celebrity blogs, I utilized social media to contact and conduct interviews with some of the top reality show stars today as well as other artists.  It was all because I knew how to contact and engage via the internet.  It’s a great skill that is useful in whatever you do.

So there are the various ways you can network without breaking your bank while still getting the word out about yourself and your books, or whatever it is that you do.  If you are anything like me, you will create lasting relationships in which we can all lean on each other and GROW!


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