Find Out How Much Weight a Book Cover Has On a Book’s Success

Find Out How Much Weight a Book Cover Has On a Book’s Success

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Here is the question that has really stomped writers this day in age with so many books being released on an ongoing basis – Is my book’s success truly going to be based on the book cover?  The answer is yes and no.  Let me explain.

There is this craze going on right now called e-books which came right after self-publishing became more of a “norm”, thus, making it much easier to get many projects out there without a big or small book publishers.  With this huge rush of books being released online and the floods of reviews, many of which are fake, consumers are bombarded with so much that they will stop on whatever book catches their eyes.

That’s right.  Simply put, if scanning the web for a great read, it’s going to be the book cover that lands the attention of the reader, not the words 003inside.  Therefore, for short term success, a book with a great cover will in fact garner more attention and more buys faster than one that is plain old Jane many times, and that’s just the reality of the situation, depending on the tastes of each reader.

People are visual…even if they love to read black and white plain Jane words on the pages.  Weird?  Not really.  Readers prove visual because they also enjoy the images they create in their own minds about what they pick up from within the book.

Therefore, a true reader, although the initial attraction may be the book’s cover design, they also want to be stimulated within the pages as well.  If the story is no good, then even though the book was given a chance to prove itself due to a great book cover, the book will only have severely short term success in comparison to the long term success of a book that has both a great book cover as well as a super story.

Long term success is what a true writer/author wants and yearns to earn from their readers.  That being noted, it is highly important to have a great story FIRST and then a great book cover SECOND because all audiences vary.  Some may hate flashy book covers and move toward softer covers, while other audiences truly do like them plain as ever.  Because of this, you must know your audience, who you are trying to attract, but also always have a great story for them to read so that they will become loyal to your brand and name on the cover and spine versus solely the graphic art.

Becoming an author that people can “trust” breeds long term success, and there’s no book cover that can top that.  What do you think?  Leave your comments below!


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