Find Out Why It’s Important For You, As An Author, To Have A Website

Find Out Why It’s Important For You, As An Author, To Have A Website

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Authors, pay attention to this message – You really do need a website.

No matter what type of work you do, if you are working for yourself on any particular level, one of the most important items you could give yourself and your business is a website.

In today’s society, with the way we have become accustomed to having things at the click of a mouse or the stroke of a cell phone face, a website has become more important than old reliable – the Yellow Pages that is still dropped off at your doorstep every blue moon.  Do you use it?  I sure don’t.  What do I use instead?  My cell phone, or if I’m positioned at my computer, I will search it.

It’s the same thing with your book, authors.  Say someone is walking around and happens to see your brilliant book is the one that is being read.  They’ve absolutely never heard of you, but the book looks interesting and the person reading appears engulfed.  What might they do?  Search in that trusty cell phone, and you will definitely want a website to pop up.

The conveniences of a website are simple.  It allows visitors to learn all about you while finding out about important information that they may not find out about anywhere else.  It also gives readers a place to bookmark in order easily check back from time to time for updates.

Even better, you can form a great newsletter and more, such as a blog, directly from your website, and true fans and new ones will be dying to follow you as you go to events and more.

One more thing, instead of having to list every single social network on a business card, one website will suffice.  It is this website that will direct readers to every social network you are on in one click.  There is absolutely nothing better than being able to get everything you need in one place, including the links to all books, videos and more.

Social networks are great, but always remember that your website will be here to stay whenever the next social network goes downhill (and it will one day – I’ve been around long enough to watch them plummet).  People will always be able to find you at your online home, social networks or not.

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