First Book Signing? Learn How To Keep It Simple, Exciting & Very Social

First Book Signing? Learn How To Keep It Simple, Exciting & Very Social

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As an author, you will definitely do many book signings if that is a part of your marketing strategy.  After all, readers love authors just as much as concert goers love meeting their favorite singers, therefore, it is important that the author sets aside time from their writing schedule to meet, greet and keep things exciting for their readers.  Although authors are writers, they are still a major part of the entertainment world.

Here are a few simple steps to keep things exciting, simple and social at your book signing, whether you are a novice or have been doing for a long time.

Create a Clean Set-up

Normally, a book signing area consists of a table, chair or two, and the author along with the author’s books…let’s not forget the author and the trusty pen.  Sound simple enough?  For some, not so much.  The fact is that authors have been known to use loud music, costumes and much more to cause readers to gravitate toward their booths for every reason but the books.  A set up like this isn’t clean but distracting from the purpose at hand.  Atop that, people will surround the author’s table for visual entertainment or listening pleasure and then walk away…especially if the author is concentrating on more than his book.  This blocks the actual reader who may be interested in that author’s genre.  Therefore, the simpler, the better, showcasing the book and synopsis.  Trust…they can read.

Learn Your Ten Second Blurb

I don’t care if an author has ten books on a table, it is in the best interest of the author if he can tell about his book in ten seconds or less.  We live in a world of NOW, and a sixty second rave about your book will ring dull to a reader’s ear.  Instead of boring the life out of your audience, actually prepare to excite the reader in ten seconds.  The author shouldn’t give away the entire book, but say just enough to entice.  Then, the author will win…along with the reader when they enjoy your book and the writer.

Don’t Be Camera Shy…and Vice Versa

It works to look great.  Face it, authors.  Although you are accustomed to walking around half dressed, one sock on and the other off, with your hair looking a wreck inside the confines of your abode, no one needs to see you like this at a book signing.  Therefore, when you are away from the source of your creations and before a line of readers waving hello, do look the part – simple yet satisfying to the eyes.  No one is saying to look like you just stepped off of a photoshopped magazine cover, but someone is saying look classy, not over done, and ready to make smiles for readers who get your signed book and want a photo op.  It works, and readers who become a fan your work will always remember that special time in a frame…or on facebook.  Same thing.  Be social enough to become a part of social media.



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