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Learn the MAJOR Differences Between Self Publishing & Signing With a Publisher


Aspiring authors tend to have one predominant question in mind, and that question is what are the main differences between signing with a publisher and deciding to go self- published at the completion of their books. It’s a great question and below are a list of the major differences both have.  In the video, I go into the differences more in depth.


Sole Ownership
Royalties (100% belong to author)
Complete and Total Control of Rights and Responsibilities
Marketing is all the author’s responsibility

Signing with Major Publisher

Advance Payment
Royalties are contracted, percentage less PER book to author
No control over book
Possibly better marketing and connections

Those are the major differences, and remember all publishers are different and their contracts vary for each author.  Don’t go in blindly whether self publishing or signing with a major publisher as both have advantages and disadvantages that go beyond those main items listed above.  Enjoy writing!

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