Going On a HUGE Book Tour? Don’t Forget To Pack RIGHT!

Going On a HUGE Book Tour? Don’t Forget To Pack RIGHT!

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Thinking about going on a book tour, and this may even be your very first? There are certainly some things you may want to prepare for encountering prior to getting to your destinations. I’ve been all the way to Miami, Florida to the states the border the Great Lakes, and all FIVE star hotels definitely are not built the same.  Therefore, below are a list of items you want with you as you head out for the time of your life!



I can’t stress this enough.  Have paper utensils and cups for your room.  Although things look sparkly and clean, five times out of ten, they aren’t as clean as they look.  Going on tour, you’ll need to stay in tip top condition.  The last thing you want to do is pick up a germ or anything else while having to smile at delighted readers.

Do yourself a favor, along with the necessary nutrients/vitamins, be sure that the glasses inside the hotel room aren’t used by you.  Period.  Sure, it may be convenient, but your health is priority.


You have cargo.  If you aren’t taking your books layered inside your rolling luggage, please have tape.  This is one of the more forgotten items on the tour believe it or not.  Tape is like a band-aid for boxes, and it keeps your books protected along with that table cover or two that you didn’t know you needed.

Sure, many festivals already have the tables covered for you, however, your table cover isn’t always for the table.  It’s a cover for your books.  Be certain that you take a plastic table cover and a cloth, maybe two of each.  Rain doesn’t penetrate plastic and cloth looks better just in case you need the extra cloth for your table.  If in a windy city such as Chicago, use the tape to keep your plastic table cloth over your boxes of books so that they aren’t ruined if that wind is mixed with rain.


A great hand truck is a must.  Don’t leave out for tour without one or two depending on how heavy you plan out your load and who is coming along for the ride.  Hand trucks fold and fit neatly inside the trunk of whatever vehicle that can hold a load of books, and with it, you will save so much time, energy and back pains if you have one.

By the way, hotels have them, however, for an event, be prepared to wait in line.  It’s best that you have your own.


Not only do you want to take those paper items I wrote about, just think of how much money you will save if you have a cooler.  My husband and I stayed in some of the best five star hotels where the drinks were already loaded up in the fridge, but as soon as you removed anything, it hit your tab, and it hit hard.

Do yourself a favor in the wallet.  Take your own cooler.  Ice is on the hall or can be brought to your room.  Once you get there, place your fruits, drinks on ice.  Done deal.  Who wants to pay five bucks for a soda just because it’s in their fridge?  I don’t.


Maybe it’s just me.   No, I take that back.  It’s not just me.  I truly believe in order to be your most comfortable in any hotel, five star or not, is to have your own towels, rags, soap, toothpaste and yes, pillowcases.  Filth is everywhere, and you can’t see it all.  Furthermore, don’t you hate those little flat bars of soap that only make it through one wash while not smelling that great at all?  I do.

This is why I suggest you take all the soap you want with you, or get to a store, and buy before checking in.  As far as rags and towels, just the thought of wiping my body with rags and towels that have been used by hundreds of people I don’t know kind of creeps me out.  I know, I’m being extra right now, but so what.  Truth is, it’s the truth.

After I take my shower, I want to rest my head on my clean pillowcase that can easily fit in my little purse or lay atop my clothes in my bag without thinking who slobbed on it prior to me.  Thus, your own pillowcase.


Those are just a few of the items that you will need on book tour.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the SHARPIES, MARKETING FLIERS, AND MOST OF ALL BOOKS!

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