How To Market Your Book By Creating a FACEBOOK EVENT

How To Market Your Book By Creating a FACEBOOK EVENT

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Let’s face it. Things can be brutal when trying to market, or promote, your upcoming book, especially if self-published. Have you ever found it desperately time consuming to keep up with the fast pace of not only getting the book prepared for release, but making certain that the people around you know about it at the same time?

This is where creating a Facebook Event could really help, and here are a few tips that a beginner can put to use when creating their first event.

When a person creates a Facebook event, the creator can detail in a box the whens, wheres and times of the launch, or release. It is what you put in this box that sets the stage for the REMINDER and CALL TO ACTION.  There will be a reminder for all who are invited and are GOING to remember to download the book on that particular day, and the reminder for the event comes directly into their notifications.

It is really important that all your information is accurate to go along with a CALL TO ACTION, or what you would like those invited to do.  The event has to have a clear reason for being, or else it’s all for naught.

Promotional Conversation

An event is somewhat like a group on Facebook where you can mingle and have discussions with everyone who truly wants to be involved with what you are doing. The event makes conversations very targeted but more promotional, unlike simply posting on your timeline. Those who are attending your event want to feel and know about the build up on the way to the day of the event.

Therefore, the event page is the perfect place to engage them in contests, giveaways, photos, and even videos, strictly for your guests who have JOINED.  There could be exclusives that you divulge from the book that are available no where else but on this Facebook event page to help yourself and your brand on the road to your next book release. That being stated, you want to create your event in enough time to make those you invited very excited to be a part of your big day.

Bring a Guest
Whoever you don’t know, the people you have invited do.  Make it a point to ask…yes simply ask…them to invite only one friend, and maybe even two.  Shoot, if you’re that awesome and others believe in your book or product, they may even invite all of their friends.  By having your invitees invite their friends approach instead of the entirely public invite, you have introduced the TRUST factor.

Many times when introducing anything to the public, there will be resistance, especially if you are “new to the area”.  People don’t know who you are, and that can impact your promotion negatively.  However, when your guests invite their own guests to your event, these new guests TRUST the people who invited and know them personally, causing a more trustworthy online environment.

Therefore, when creating your Facebook Event, be sure to check off that your GUESTS CAN INVITE GUESTS in the small box on the event page while also letting them know that they can in a direct post to the wall.


Remember, all things in marketing are PLANNED, so think really hard prior to creating an event so that you know how you will keep your people engaged and excited at least once a week until your big day.

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