In All The E-Book Hype, Don’t Forget About The Independent Booksellers

In All The E-Book Hype, Don’t Forget About The Independent Booksellers

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Independent booksellers are the backbone of the independent author. They have been the reason why independent authors have been able to reach the public for many years prior to the e-book revolution. It was their devotion to books that led many well renowned authors to the best sellers list when major bookstore chains wouldn’t give them the time of day.

Authors, continue to bring your audience to independent bookstores in your area for book signings. The last thing you want is for the independent bookstores to have to shut their doors due to a loss of revenue.  It’s a great market, even in this book era. On top of that, lasting relationships form between independent bookstores and authors that are extremely beneficial to all in the surrounding communities.

Independent bookstores are in or in close proximity to neighborhoods, and there is easier access to your books from there than anywhere else other than online. Also, independent bookstores’ contracts are much better than those of major bookstore chains, and that means more money in the authors’ pockets for the hard work that they do.

Remember, when no one else even knew you as an author, the independent bookstores loved, supported, and accepted you just as you were, therefore, take care of who took and is willing to still take care of you…with little to no hitches.

I recall releasing my first novel titled Secret back in the year 2002, it was the independent bookstores that continued to sell out of my books everywhere in the city.  There is a more intimate atmosphere, and even though there are ways for independent bookstores to order your books now more than ever before on demand, it still remains important to have shelf life as well so that those who haven’t heard of your titles can browse through them on their own. 

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