Learn 3 MUSTS For Aspiring Authors…Other Than Writing the Book

Learn 3 MUSTS For Aspiring Authors…Other Than Writing the Book

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It goes without saying that the number one item that any aspiring author wants to do is write, or better yet, complete his project. Many times, however, the aspiring author overlooks crucial things in order to make marketing the book a success. Let’s take a look at only three things that need to be the foundation of a great book…outside of the pages.

Learn and become a big part of social media

I must admit that even I fall short many times on this one due to the fact that I’m always…and I mean always…creating other ideas and scenes in future books.  Sometimes, my interaction with the public falls to the wayside.  I never want this to happen because I love interacting, and mostly, learning about and with other people.  Bottom line, no aspiring author can get the ball rolling faster with their first book in an inexpensive way without interacting on social media.

I have a twitter, facebook, pinterest, and only recently started an instagram.  I was around as a writer/author before any of these things even existed, however, so I was more into the face to face meet and greets across the country.  Take note that people are just as happy to meet and greet you online, chat and get involved online just as well as in your face with a one on one.  Tend to bond and grow with people of similar interests on social media, and make yourself available to chat, not just to become a salesman/woman, but to honestly create an atmosphere that people where people want to engage.  It is this social atmosphere that will get the word about you, what you’re doing, and your upcoming book naturally without appearing that you are going door to door.

Create various ways to interact with the public…face to face

Social media is one thing, but how about adding to it with a little group interaction off of the computer?  Recently, I engaged as a guest blogger to cover the event a media at the Pose n Post Symposium with many like minded individuals, many of which were owners or worked for magazines who were in search of fresh new material.  We exchanged information, but for the most part, had fun getting to know one another.  There are various ways to expand your brand, even if you don’t have a book out yet.  What’s amazing is that you become memorable and peaked their interests by involving yourself in what is going on around you.

Learn from those before you

You’re the newest author to date, so that means you have fresh, new ideas and want to try new things.  That’s fantastic.  What you don’t want to do is waste valuable time doing what countless others have tried and get little results.  Time is important, so it is wise to learn and look at what those people around you are doing that creates their success.  Some of those same things, if not all, you may be able to do yourself, and here is where your uniqueness comes in – DO THOSE SAME THINGS WITH YOUR OWN SPIN!  No one wants to earn the title copycat, and don’t go around stealing either.  No that will definitely land you a copyright infringement lawsuit.  What I’m talking about is learning a method that absolutely worked from those who stomped the pavement before you and creating your own flair.  It won’t hurt, right?

Okay, well those are three things that will assist you, the aspiring author, prior to your book’s release and after!  And if you like what you read, support an Akirim Press author with a click and download on a book at akirimpress.com.

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