Learn 3 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Writing

Learn 3 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Writing

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So you want to write, and you want to write something that is so intriguing that it moves everyone around you.  The problem is that you have absolutely no idea where to begin.  No matter what you do, you can’t find any inspiration from within yourself or your surroundings.  There may be a couple of solutions for that, and those solutions are below.

 Lose the Four White Walls

 You always here of authors closing themselves off from the world, sheltering themselves from existence, all in the enormous attempt to deliver the most compelling novel of a lifetime.  Sorry, folks.  That’s just not true many times…at least for myself.

Sure, I have my areas to write within my house.  There isn’t one spot.  In fact, sometimes it may be my office where I wrote my urban series Murders at Gabriel’s Trails.  Other times, it may be the kitchen of all places and then it may turn into a decision over the living room or bedroom.  The television may be on or the television my need to be off.  It varies.  The one thing that it is never is closed off from every single thing…especially if I need to take in a bit of inspiration.

To me, closing oneself off is a writer’s block champion.  It works for a moment, possibly for a scene in my case that I really need to concentrate on, and you may be an author who can’t write unless you are shut off from noise period.  I have found that the best inspiration comes from living beyond four walls, getting out, learning and even seeing new things which stimulate my mind. 

Each room in my home is a different color, and this is helpful to me because my brain responds differently to the color stimulus,  in turn affecting the book that I write.  Writing in my kitchen, especially if I’m writing a nature scene, I have a huge window in which I stare out of to inspire elaborate descriptions of something as regular as grass.

I wrote all this to reveal that it may be necessary to break out of the “white wall, closed ears and narrow eyes” to gain great inspiration and ideas for writing because to sit inside of dullness may end up breeding dullness.

Truly Listen & Learn

Truly listening to places and things may inspire stories.  Becoming aware of people, how they live and more, really can inspire a full, fledged novel!  I’m not talking about writing about a person, but many times, it is as simple as a situation that may strike you, such as someone nearly getting hit by a car and taking mental notes about reaction times, personalities on the scene of a crime, sounds of sirens, panic etc, that will grant you the next inspiration for your book.

Listening and understanding how sounds and other items can trigger emotion can play a huge part in gaining inspiration for a story.  One never has to mimic any other author’s writing if you are fully in tune with everyday life yourself.

Pictures Really Are Worth Thousands of Words

Lastly, photographs are worth millions when it comes to writing.  Let’s say you are visiting a particular area that you’ve never been to in your life.  Get some up close and personal photographs of it and then use those photos to imagine. 

If you desire to write a story in India, find someone who may be directly from that country.  Have them show you some pictures that relay their native country and more.  Having this type of visual about various places constantly can help you escape reality and zoom in on inspiration based off of photographs and what you could possibly cause to happen in a country that looks much like this one, except it comes from your imagination.


Anything from trees to waters, buildings, planets and more can be used to set a mood and inspiration for your next story.  It works for me every time because I simply choose to understand and listen to things that are beyond myself.


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