Learn How Not To Disappoint Your Readers At Any Time!

Learn How Not To Disappoint Your Readers At Any Time!

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Did you know that readers have expectations, and did you realize that some of their expectations are super high as far as what they want from your books?  The real question is are you able to pull off satisfying your readers each and every time you release a novel or nonfiction work of art?  If you don’t think you can, I’m willing to bet you can at least satisfy them 95% of the time.

Keep it Real

There is possibly nothing worse than giving your reader a book cover and a superior synopsis, but one or neither have absolutely nothing to do with the book.  This is one way to disappoint your readers tremendously – placing far more time and effort into the book cover artwork and/or synopsis (both of which are extremely important by the way), but the story itself wasn’t given as much time, thought or effort as the latter.

Put in the work that your project needs, from the cover to the story and the synopsis, formatting, editing and all of that.  The reader will appreciate it tremendously.  It’s vital for the long term success of the book to deliver a book to your readers that is as close to perfect as you can get it, whether self-published or with a major publisher backing you.

Doing this will give your title bonus points with the reader.  Just KEEP IT REAL with yourself and DO THE WORK NECESSARY instead of using tricks, colors and a bunch of magical fake stuff just to entice the reader into what they may eventually feel was a waste of money.

Get to Know Them

Ask questions.  If you can’t gauge what your audience is looking for, ask them!  It’s the best time to do so right before you embark on your next book even.  Ask them what they want?  As a matter of fact, search what matters to them.  It’s called building a relationship with people, and now it’s easier than ever to reach out and hear from someone about their thoughts on books, issues or news as well as day to day activity.

Getting to know your audience reveals to you how to satisfy them, or entertain them with what you do.  It’s necessary to cultivate a foundation with your readers that you rarely disappoint them being that you know their expectations ahead of time. 

Along with getting to know them, let them find out who you are.  Let them know what you believe in and where your heart is, and this will definitely place you on common ground faster than what you know!  Remember that no relationship is one sided, and that leads into the next item…

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Thank Them Always In Various Ways

Who doesn’t like to know they are appreciated?  I can’t think of a soul.  This is why it’s a great idea to give your readers thanks periodically via free books, personalized gifts, special video chats or Q&As and more.  There are lots of ways to show them that you are willing and able to be that “touchable” writer and not some strange being that releases a book every year that lives off somewhere in oblivion.

Offer them opportunities to get books free and even an acknowledgement on the inside of your masterpiece which they will be reading.  Be loyal to people, and they in turn will be hopefully be loyal to you.  No disappointment there.


Those are just a couple of items that I’ve noticed in my time writing that I hope will help you keep your readers happy, smiling, and reading your books!

Mirika Cornelius at SC BF 2015This article was written by author, blogger and literary visionary Mirika Mayo Cornelius.

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