Learn Easily How To Become a Better Writer By Sharpening Your Skills

Learn Easily How To Become a Better Writer By Sharpening Your Skills

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One thing that I recall about school is that from the time we all learned to read and write, the focus was to become better with each year.  By the time we graduated, it was required that everyone knew how to pass what was called the Exit Exam which forced each student to show what they knew as far as writing three paragraphs.  The paragraphs didn’t have to be complex, however, they had to be full and complete, with no errors.  There was also simple mathematics on the test as well.

The point of the whole thing was to prove to those selecting you for graduation that you were ready to do so by completing the most simple forms of math and writing.  If you got everything right, you graduated.  From there, if one elected to go to college, there were more exams to come.  The point of each year, all the way up through your twenties, was to gain knowledge, apply the knowledge and get better at what you do as time passed.

All this being said, it’s important that every author or writer become better at their craft as time passes, especially if doing it professionally.  You want to become what people call an expert at your craft, someone whom people can place in line with those to potentially learn from if need be.  Therefore, it should be inevitable that you become the best writer for not only yourself, but for your readers as well, because the crafting of anything from nonfiction, essays, or fiction is meant to both entertain and teach.

How can you become a better writer?  First thing is that you…

Constantly Write

The most vital thing any writer can do for their writing career is to keep writing.  Creating topics to write about keeps your imagination going as well as puts your writing skills to practice.  From blogging to even teaching, or tutoring, younger children to adults to put together both simple and complex sentences as well as writing multiple books yourself, sharpens your gift.

This is possibly the most important item, besides reading, that will make you become a better writer overall.


Always Read

One of the more important avenues at becoming a better writer is to read.  Don’t read things that are poorly written however, for fear of adopting the bad habits or grammar that may present themselves in that particular book.  Read books, articles or papers that are proven to be awesome, are well formatted and “groomed” with a seamless flow and great use of vocabulary.

These are the books that will teach you how to move from scene to scene or paragraph to paragraph without hiccups or abrupt halts.  The properly chosen materials to read will allow you to understand description and how the use of particular vocabulary can create the moods, perfect settings and more.


Brush Up On Grammatical Rules

Every so often, every writer must brush up on grammatical rules.  Grammar is basically the rules of language and how words are connected.  Grammatical rules are important because they can change the way a sentence is both read and understood, thus, changing the entire meaning.

Every writer wants to be understood properly, therefore, it is important to have a guide, or book, available at all times that will help you brush up on grammatical skills.


Finally, a writer must always remain determined to be better than his last project.  Remember, there is no such thing as competition in writing unless it is against yourself. 

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