Learn How To Become & Remain A Prolific Author

Learn How To Become & Remain A Prolific Author

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There are many people who want to write their very first book.  There are also many who want to go beyond that and release countless publications, but for some reason or another, can’t make it happen, encountering a variety of obstacles that prevent their progress to their next level in writing.

I want to share just one of my main secrets on how I am able to release, on the low end, five books in one year, and when I say books, I mean novels (200 pages or more, 12 pt. font with single spacing in between the lines) if I choose to do so.

In the last two years, I was able to release a total of 18 books, a mix of novels, novellas, and short stories, and this was only using approximately four hours of my time at night, each night, and not skipping a beat. 

I’d already released two books prior to these other 18 being written and published, but I went on hiatus after the second novel, Colored Lily: Poppa Took My Innocence, for many years in order to create multiple blog sites that interested me at the time.  I literally wrote articles after articles and made great passive income writing twenty or more articles a day, and this leads me to the one thing that will ultimately force you to grow into a prolific writer – WRITING EVERYDAY.

By the time I got back to writing books which was in the year 2013, I was so accustomed to writing and creating that it was literally a huge part of my psychological and mental make-up.  My average typing speed soared, and ideas came like a flash because my mind had also grown accustomed to creating fresh stories to blog about. 

Therefore, writing everyday, no matter what it is, exercises writing ability resulting in a mind that is always ready to mold a story.

My writing skill and confidence increased dramatically over those 8 or so years constantly blogging on a variety of topics, so that by the time I got back to writing books, it was a piece of cake.  Finally, know that the main ingredient to becoming and remaining a prolific author is to write each and every day, on your books or whatever else there is to write about.  If you do this, there is no stopping you.

Take a look at some Writing Tips here on this site for some pointers that will help you learn to write each day, thus becoming better at your craft.  It’s just that simple.

Mirika Cornelius at SC BF 2015This article was written by author and blogger Mirika Mayo Cornelius.
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