Learn How To Make You Facebook Page Cover Photo Count In Your Favor!

Learn How To Make You Facebook Page Cover Photo Count In Your Favor!

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About that Facebook page cover photo…do you even know how much attention it can draw, authors, if created properly?  I’m going to tell you that having a Facebook cover photo that looks fabulous works wonders for your brand.  There are key ingredients that a Facebook Page cover photo should always contain to make it grab the attention of potential readers, and below, I will list them.


Quality Design

There isn’t much worse than a blurry Facebook Page cover photo.  Let’s face it.  If the photo isn’t good that is supposed to represent you and your brand as an author, it won’t do much good.  In fact, it will actually hurt your brand entirely.

Before uploading a Facebook Page cover photo, make certain that the dimensions are right for the particular design you are uploading.  You want the photo that you are using to cover the entire space, and in that space, you want the cover photo to be tragically clear and crisp.  Anything else, is a toss out.

Find the Facebook Page Cover Photo dimensions here.


Tells Your Story & More

As an author, it’s important that you figure out what you want to portray about yourself or your brand, with or without words.  Facebook only allows for a small, very small amount of words inside the cover photo if you plan on using paid advertising, therefore, I prefer to go for a cover photo with no words if paid advertising is your plan.  If not, use words but don’t bombard the photo with them.  Who you are will show up with the profile picture anyway along with the advertisement, so audiences will know what you do for a living on sight.  You want to make them interested in what you do and who you are.  That is what counts, and this is where the cover photo comes in.

Stray away from the boring.  If you are trying to generate a young audience, find out what catches their attention – and it can be more than just plastering your books across the photo.  Be selective about your background and research what works and what may not.  They key things are to attract your audience with the mood of the photo, and allow it to match who you are or your brand.

Every author needs  what I call at least one main universal cover photo that works for any reader, and this is the one that you want to have up most of the time.  It should display your successful story along with what you offer that gives them what they need without words.  If you can figure out how to project that – success and sharing – in one cover photo, then you have done well.

Here is an example of one of my Facebook cover photos below:

Mirika Mayo Cornelius Facebook Cover Photo



Honesty is key to a successful branding strategy on Facebook.  Don’t label yourself anything other who you are.  If you haven’t spoken to anyone…ever…don’t present yourself as a world renowned speaker with a huge microphone on the cover photo with yourself shouting into it.  People will want to see photos to back that up on your timeline.  You will fool no one but yourself.

If you are just starting, be honest about it.  People appreciate that.  Don’t take trips to China to fool people that you are a world traveler when China is the only place you’ve ever been.  Actually, the best start ups or beginning brands succeed because of their honesty.  No, you don’t have to tell everything, such as you work from your basement in a house that isn’t yours…that really isn’t a house but a barn (no shade to those who live in barns).  It’s not about where you are, but WHAT you have that can enhance someone else’s life.

Therefore, in your cover photo, keep the things that you need to keep to yourself private, but the things that work with your brand and that you know are honest, divulge.  The truth is that if you have a great product or great book, show it off in the best way that you can honestly because it’s not a lie.  Don’t take a picture in front of a huge mansion, leaning on the latest luxury car, and that person who becomes a fan looks you up to find that it wasn’t your house nor car and you live in the next neighborhood next to a demolished home that was infested with termites,rodents, and mold that was literally connected to yours by the driveway which means your house possibly has the same issues while the car out front is on two flats with no bumper…topping it off with you waiting on your street corner for the city bus with your thumb still stuck out trying to bum a ride just in case you can’t wait.  (No shade here at all.  We’re talking about the “is’s that really “ain’ts” that like to fool people that they really “ares”.)

Be honest.  Don’t brand yourself a liar in photos.  Be the best you in your cover photo, and things will work out fine.

Well, I’m done.  It’s just that simple.  If you need help, hire someone…like us here at Akirim Press.

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