Not As Productive As You Want To Be? Become Just That In Three Easy Steps!

Not As Productive As You Want To Be? Become Just That In Three Easy Steps!

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Authors, writers, and those who are aspiring to do so all have goals in mind as far as where they would like to see themselves from six months to a year or two down the line when it comes to project completion and in their writing careers.  Although they may visualize all of their goals coming to pass, the visualization of it is just the first part.  Implementing the steps required to meet those goals is the rest.

Faith without works is very much dead.  The statement is biblical in origin and very truthful.  Most times, if you have faith then you must do the things that show your faith.  For instance, if you know you want to become a doctor, then you know this is impossible without schooling.  Dropping out of school and asking a dean to award you a degree isn’t going to happen.  Along with the faith that you will be a great doctor comes with the work you must put into it.

Of course, this is a very trivial example, but it’s very true and is the same for a writer.  In my case, I’ve always been a very thorough and talented writer all throughout my school years.  I say I was gifted in that aspect.  I was editor of the school paper prior to going into college where I was bombarded with students asking me to write their theses because what was simple as pie for me wasn’t for them.

Although I majored in Biology, I went in believing I as going to be a Journalism major.  I ended up doing both later in life while my more natural lean was toward writing.  Thus, I became a writer anyway, and after putting in the work, I have twenty one books on the market and have become a highly successful blogger in the process.  Not many know this, but it was when I was in the third grade that I asked God to help me become an author of at least two books and to one day win a BIG prize for it all.  God did more for me through my FAITH, and my WORKS due to my faith, He BLESSED.

That is just my story.  I want you to have a story.  Therefore, if you missed it, the first thing you must do to become more productive is…


Understand that when on the path to reaching your goals, having only focus isn’t going to cut it because anything can distract you.  If you back that focus up with faith, thus having a faith filled focus, you will actually BELIEVE that all of your actions are taking you to the place that you want to go as you FOCUS.  Believing that you can get to the other side of the lake that you are focusing on will enable you to ignore any storm because you believe in making it across to your focal point.

Secondly, you must…


Everything that I have learned as far as the wisdom on how to go about life comes from the Bible.  Therefore, I can’t help but take from how Jesus didn’t only CHOOSE His disciples, but he TRAINED AND TAUGHT them before leaving the earth.  Basically, everything was done decently and in order with no rush, yet timed.

This pertains to your writing goals like this… after you have developed your faith filled focus and have a achievable point or points, then you execute by giving yourself the time needed to grow a good FOUNDATION of know how, research, and learning as a part of educating yourself in your craft so that while MOVING toward your goals you won’t stumble and fall too hard once to take the leap into SUCCESS.

Have you ever read a book where the author didn’t know proper grammar, spelling and the like?  Even then, they published the book without proper editing, and even if they reached success, they would have had even more success if the book was founded upon a better foundation from the start.  Even more than that, a better foundation would have the books not only earning sales but potentially winning awards and being made into movies.  The list goes on.

Therefore, moving in an orderly and timed pace to reach goals while not skipping steps will enable more success in time, thus, saving time with longevity.  Finally, you want to have the ability to…


I don’t know how many times I have spoken to extremely talented individuals who had everything together, but failed to succeed in what they wanted in life.  Most of the time, these people had the faith at first to get the work done that needed to be done to reach their goals, but once the finish line was in sight, they sunk.  They really clammed up!

Cast off all fear at the finish line.  You knew you would reach your goal at the beginning, so prepare to DO THINGS THAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE!  You must know that you will have to do things that you’ve never done before because YOU REALLY HAVEN’T SUCCEEDED BEFORE…UNTIL NOW!

Know this…the purpose of your faith filled focus from the very beginning was to succeed, therefore, you must know how to conclude.  The end result of your faith and works is winning.  Learn how to win and be humble in it.  You will do things and speak to people you have never spoken to before.  At this point, people may even see you as an expert before you even see yourself as such.

Have you ever watched a singer in the beginning?  They have always had the gift, but never the big audience.  Eventually, people take notice because they had put in all the work, and then they take off, many times extremely humble in the beginning because everyone sees them how they fail to see themselves yet…as an expert at the mic.  Even after they succeed, they still get fearful prior to taking the stage, but in order to complete their mission, they CAST OFF THE FEAR AND SOAR on stage.

Many have fallen in their careers, however, as they not only gain success, but they lose HUMBLENESS and THE FAITH FILLED FOCUS.  Yes, you must never rid yourself of the reason why you started in the first place.

It is these steps that will hopefully assist you in producing each and everything you desire.  It has worked for me, and that is all I can give you is my own testimony and hope that it works for you.  Remember, reaching your goals may not come overnight, but faith without works is dead.

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