Three Things To Know Before Embarking On a Writing Career

Three Things To Know Before Embarking On a Writing Career

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So you’ve decided that you want to embark on a writing career.  Having seen many success stories of people you know to have published a book, launched a magazine and even a blog, you feel like this is the right avenue for yourself as well.

It seems that writing will not only connect you to your true self but also to the world beyond yourself in a limitless fashion through social media and more, giving you what you’ve always wanted – the freedom to express yourself with the option of making a decent living.

Before embarking on that journey into a career in writing, there are probably some things to consider before taking the plunge.

It Takes Persistence of Self Motivation & Ideas

Making a living writing takes persistence, and along with that persistence comes the need for endless ideas.  Writing is the backbone of everything in entertainment, education and more, going from from movies, television shows, plays, political and prominent speeches to anything how-to you can think of, and in this particular case, books and blogs.

You must persist, regardless of if someone is reading your writing or not at first, while at the same time not boring audiences with the same thing time after time.  Great writers can be considered actors on paper.  Writers must know when to switch things up and bring life where something was dying, and this comes through ideas that are fresh and exciting.

Finally, if you aren’t the type of personality that can get right up without someone pushing you to do something, you may want to seriously find a way to remain motivated.  All writers must be self motivators.  Even writers who work for magazines must turn on their creative switches, no matter what goes on in their lives, to execute a great article.

Audiences Grow… Along With You

If you are just starting out or thinking about becoming a writer of some sort, your main focus other than writing is growing your audience along with yourself.  If you don’t have the will power and skill to do this, you career in writing may fall very short.  Therefore, take the time to engage and learn from others, while at the same time, allowing your audience to grow with you.  The more you learn, it is almost guaranteed that your audience will grow as long as you are able to show and/or teach basic things you have learned along the way.

For instance, say you started out with a very small essay that you happened to blog about.  It was good, and some people enjoyed it.  However, you have since learned new skills and ways of writing, and instead of remaining the writer that you started as, you SHOWCASE in another project how you have grown.  It is the simple task of bettering yourself that others will see, and in turn, your audience will expand as well.

If you aren’t willing to become better at your writing craft each and every day while learning new things, then chances are, this isn’t the career for you because as we all know…things change, people change, and what they want to read CHANGES as well.

Know How To Be Alone & Sure of Yourself

Lastly, learn to be what I call “certainly alone” and love it.  Sure, it sounds easy, however, many people find this very hard to do.  Many people need the opinion of many others for just about everything they do in life.  One would think that decision making comes naturally, however, some people find it exceptionally hard to do.

Writers need to be sure of themselves and at their best, especially when they are alone.  As for myself, I can write with tons of noise around or in complete silence.  My counterpart however needs to be in special silent place or will be distracted.  Either way, one must be sure of what they are writing, and not asking through every paragraph if someone can read their sentences to make sure they sound intriguing.

If you need someone by your side at all times guiding you through your every move, then you may need to look into hiring a ghost writer because a writing career may not be for you.


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