Three Tips To Create LONGEVITY In Your Writing Career

Three Tips To Create LONGEVITY In Your Writing Career

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Have you noticed the movement?  Many people want a literary career, especially now that there is an easier way to get their projects on the market digitally.  Self publishing has become easy enough for everyone to get involved if they so desire, but even though that is easy, having longevity in the writing world may not be so simple.

Therefore, below are three tips that will assist any writer in gaining longevity in the world of writing instead of become a here today gone tomorrow author.

Become Rooted

Becoming rooted and grounded is something that I learned from studying God’s Word (Bible).  It can be described simply as having roots so deep that it becomes impossible to move no matter what.  This is how one must grow in the world of writing if one wants to remain here for the long haul.

For every season there is a change.  When I started writing and published my debut book, reading romance was the hot market.  Everyone wanted to read or watch something romantic.  Some years later, there was a shift to street literature, and before that or romance was the historical fiction.  The reason why I am mentioning this is that all books sell, but there is a time where one genre may sell more than another.

Be prepared.  If you are a romance writer, know that there may be a time where sales slump or pick up for your audience because their interests change over time for various reasons – age, hobbies etc.  Therefore, it may be wise to add another genre to your portfolio of writing just in case there is another shift that leaves your book wondering where everyone went.


Have a Side Gig

Listen, I am an author.  I am also a blogger, vlogger, graphic designer, tutor and more.  The thing is, most of my other “jobs” surround my writing and are all laid out as a foundation for me to utilize whenever I need or desire.  For instance, before I even wrote my third book, I was a full-time blogger at a site I recently shut down, having over 18 thousand posts.  Do you know how much writing that is? Plenty.

This kept my mind going creatively while at the same time giving me the ability to market my novels while I wasn’t on book tour.  Having a side gig isn’t just to have it, but if you use it to network correctly, it can keep attention to yourself and your book projects by expanding your reach to people who may not have known you or your works.

Write Quality Books

Quality is everything when it comes to writing a story.  Authors, you want your stories to be timeless.  For instance, the king of pop Michael Jackson – his music transcends generations.  It’s enjoyed by many from the young to the old.  The reason his music did and does what it does is that he put his ALL into it, and never released one thing unless he felt it was perfected and meant something.

This is the type of book you want to have in your portfolio of works.  At least two or three of your books, if not all, should have the ability to touch generations even after you are dead and unfortunately gone.  Quality is everything when it comes to longevity.

There you have it.  Those are some items that I find are very important to a long lasting writing career.  Now, get back to writing!

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