What Is a GENRE & Why It Is Crucial To Identify Yours?

What Is a GENRE & Why It Is Crucial To Identify Yours?

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Before even publishing your first book, one of the most important items you want to determine is what genre to which your book belongs. Some aspiring authors may not even know what a genre (pronounced similar to John-rah) is because most times, we use other words in place of it, such as category. A genre is a place or category where literature is sorted based on the style, subject matter or technique.

For example, the names of popular genres are romance, urban, horror and even religious. All of these are potential categories for your book, and there are plenty more. If you have no idea how to categorize your book, glance over the categories at places like Amazon or Nook to get a better grasp on where your book may fall.

You will need to know this before you begin to sell, not only for proper placement of your book, but so the proper audience can locate new releases in their favorite genre. It could be detrimental to your book upon release if it is a horror for instance and ends up in Christian fiction solely because one person in the book walked into a church on the way to be executed. Due to it being a horror, the book will probably be glanced at, however, never read because the particular audience is wrong.

Therefore, be certain that your book is placed in the correct genre upon going on sale so that the proper audience will know it’s there, thus, improving your chances of starting your first book off on a better start.



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