Are Book Reviews To Be Trusted?

Are Book Reviews To Be Trusted?

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Books have been around for ages, and it’s only until the age of the internet that any and everyone can review a book in seconds, rating it either marvelous or the worst book in the land.  The question is, how often if ever should a review be trusted, or should the reader decide for him or herself while not basing their own personal thoughts or ideas on someone else’s?  Do reviews matter anymore in this age where we are all constantly bombarded with someone else’s opinion of a thing?

Book ReviewsReviews are the rants and raves of another person, or individual, about a particular thing, be it a movie, television show, or in this case, a book.  The purpose of  the review is to give their own thoughts on a particular item while justifying it with certain non-spoiler points if necessary.  Reviews don’t have to be done by a professional, however, the best type of reviews are well written and more than just a couple of lines.  Either way, long or short, how much weight should be placed on a review – good or bad?

In all honesty, take into account only reviews that make perfect logical sense, however, don’t always bet on them to take your stance on a book.  For instance, Stephen King could be considered man with the most when it comes down to a variety of stories.  Many of his books have been made into major motion pictures, and both the movies and books are loved.  Even when it comes down to Stephen King, yes, even he has reviews that consider his books bad, however, these are either other authors who slam him just because, people who just float around giving bad reviews to everyone, or a legitimate review of one person’s opinion.  Clearly, not one of the negative reviews speak for the majority who love his work.

Another way to make sure the reviews are “logical”, if the book was published last week or three weeks ago and it suddenly has over 200 reviews while the author isn’t a best seller or may even be a brand new author, chances are those 200 reviews are bogus.  It’s the same situation that occurred when singers were busted for posting a music video one whole minute ago and at the same time they have 300 likes in the same minute posted.  It takes 3 minutes to watch the video.  Understand?

Of course, there could be books with 300 great reviews that have poor formatting, spelling, grammar and the works of wrong-dome which would lead any reader to scratching their head – ARE THESE REVIEWS FAKE?  Sure.  The reviews can definitely be fake, but who can prove it?

The point is, book reviews aren’t to be trusted at all one hundred percent.  It’s a highly flawed tool used by individuals all over the internet to praise or attack depending on their own feelings or thoughts.  It’s almost like going shopping for clothes with a best friend.  You may like one item and your friend my think it tacky.  See what I mean?  The review is in the mind of the reader, and for books or movies, one should always try each one for themselves to make a final decision on what their own opinion is.

Good thing there’s always  a preview before the buy online!  Advice:  READ IT YOURSELF.  DON’T TRUST REVIEWS

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