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Brand New Authors, Don’t Judge Your Book By Its Audience & Here’s Why


One of the first things I want to relay in this post is that a great book is a great book and a bad one is simply horrible.  That being stated, authors both brand new and formed of antiquity, please don’t judge your book by its audience.  There are reasons why I need to say this because so many people give up on their writing dreams based upon…that audience.

First thing…audiences take time to grow, especially if you are a self published author.  There are many ways to grow a base, however, most of the time, this takes time. 

Sure, you look around and see vast audiences tuning in to Oprah and her book picks, right, and you think, why don’t they see MY book?  The truth is that no one would have even known about the majority of the books chosen by Oprah if Oprah didn’t hold it directly into the television screen or name drop the title. That doesn’t mean that the book is GOOD.  It only means that people trust Oprah.  Simple.  Thus, they buy.  Some they like, and others they don’t.  A review is only one person’s opinion, however.

Everyone is in the same boat, and unless you know a ton of “hot market” people that can and are willing to catapult you the best sellers list, and I mean the real best sellers list, then you will have to grow your audience one by one. 

Fact is that no one knows you or your book, and unless you have what they call a “machine” backing you with about 500 to 2000 people ready to click download or hit the doors of the bookstore the hour it drops, then calm down.  It doesn’t mean that your book totally sucks.  What it means is that you have to get yourself a little dirty and fight for your fans.

Number two…sometimes your book may be a rock solid best seller, but you may need to change the way in which you present your package.  A slight, or maybe even major change, in the book cover or synopsis could bring in the wanted AUDIENCE that has been missing from your prized book.  Remember, Michael Jordan?  Of course you do.  We don’t know him from writing several books, but the thing that we can learn from his life as an athlete is that he was OVERLOOKED several times before becoming one of the greatest, if not the greatest, to play the sport of basketball. 

Therefore, during the time it takes for you book to “take off”, fine tune literally everything.  Make the time to get better and sharper and change whatever necessary before you wake up and see hundreds of books sold.  Always be prepared to win…because it’s coming.

Finally, and I hate to say this, but much of the time, the audiences that you see on social media, in book reviews, or simply all over many authors are BOUGHT.  Yeah, I said it, so sorry…but not so much.

Look, many people have been totally busted.  I’m a blogger.  I know.  From YouTube views and more, major record companies, book publishers and the like have secured fake reviews, views, comments, and likes for a specific amount of cash, and these fakes aren’t very hard to get. 

Therefore, before getting intimidated, authors, by all that you see, just remember that much of the time, that may very well be a bought audience only created to INFLUENCE more buys.  It only APPEARS that they are making millions by reaching a ton of people who absolutely LOVE their books when in fact, they may not.  But you must admit, it made you want to buy something too, huh, because you felt a little out of the loop?  That is their plan.

So, I just wanted to stop in and let everyone who is a writer know that you’ll live through the no audience phase.  Keep writing and before you know it, you’ll check your deposits and realize…hey…you really do have an audience.  They were under your nose the whole time.  You just had to reach them.

Mirika Cornelius at SC BF 2015This article was written by author and blogger Mirika Mayo Cornelius.  See more about her and her books at mirikacornelius.com.

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