Authors, Prepare Book Promotions For The New Year!

Authors, Prepare Book Promotions For The New Year!

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The new year is right around the corner, and you’ve worked hard writing and promoting, speaking and succeeding over the last year. However, you can’t dwell on what happened last year no matter how successful and fun it was meeting new people and releasing new books. The truth is, your future has to look bright, not just your past! Therefore, there are some items that need to be revamped and reloaded to kick off the new year with a bang.

Resolve To Write More

For most authors, one book will only go so far, and this is why, no matter how many books that an author has released in the past, there still needs to be more. Whether releasing one or ten books a year, a writer must always produce things that grab the audience for the present and future. This is why it is important for an author to get inside his or her zone and bounce around ideas in his head until he comes up with at least a couple major ideas to get the pot stirring for next year.

Relate Better

Another very important thing for every author is to learn to not just relate to others on pad with the pen, but learn to reach out and get involved a bit more in the world around you, up close and personal. Not all authors are sociable and outgoing, however, it really is enjoyable for fans, family and friends to see and hear you more often versus just reading your books. Thus, whenever possible, be touchable, shake hands and give hugs to the people who support you throughout the year whether it be at a book festival or community gathering. It shows you care genuinely for everyone around you, and in turn, the public feels better about you, the author.

Rehearse, Don’t Regurgitate

Last but not least, all authors want to sound fresh and want fresh writing to go along with the new year. Therefore, everything from last year or the years before shouldn’t be regurgitated because everyone has heard and read that before. Bring the excitement with a well rehearsed but not regurgitated story, blog or verse that no one has heard yet. It’s fun, and will continue to keep readers and yourself as the author on your toes.

Below are other tid bits that go along with the top half.

– Business Cards – new and improved
– Website – easy to navigate without getting the reader all confused and focusing on the book(s).
– Promotional materials for signings – pens, mugs, T-shirts, fliers
– Expand social media beyond what you already have.

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