Author’s Steps To Getting The Most From The Release Of Their New Book

Author’s Steps To Getting The Most From The Release Of Their New Book

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Now that the book is published, who knows what to do?   Is the author supposed to make phone calls, go door to door, or plaster a huge sign on his house that says Come buy my books here!  If that works for the author, great!  The bad news is that he or she will waste far too much time sounding and looking like a telemarketer, door to door salesman and even attract robbers who believe that there’s a stash inside the home of real cash.

What is supposed to happen in order to get the most from a new book publication always starts before the book is actually released.  If no one knows a book is being released, how then will they know to look for it anywhere, whether it be online or in the local bookstore?  Therefore it is important to get the word out a good month to two months in advance to a wide, targeted audience.  How to do this?  There are several ways but three of the best are:

  • Social Media
  • Radio
  • Word of Mouth/Street Sales/Networking

Social Media has become the easiest form of communication. You can look like a wild eyed goose behind the computer screen, but how you present yourself and your book online can be a work of art, the masterpiece that it should be.  This is why social media has proven successes beyond what some may think and why it is the least expensive place to begin marketing your book that reaches the most people before it even releases.

A great cover with a catchy slogan or synopsis is the way to catch anyone’s attention because online is nothing but reading and watching, but for the most part reading.  With so much information to read, it is important to use social media as the punch line, something that people will remember you and your product by and want more from.  Leave interesting and free excerpts available that go viral on Facebook or Twitter and more along with the book cover, and when the book comes out, sales are bound to start quickly.

Radio is also a good way to get people to at least become familiar with hearing the title and your name as the author.  Being relevant in the media goes a long way, and the way to stay relevant is for the public to always hear or see something about you.  Even if they have no idea what you do, a familiar face in the media brings in the curiosity much faster than if your face or name is never in the media at all.

Social events and word of mouth from these social events, or gatherings, where new people are met is also one of the best ways to get the word out about your overall self.  If people tend to like you as a person, then they are generally in support of what you do and don’t mind supporting your work by a pre-order or spreading the word.  First impressions are everything, so leave a great thoughts in their heads on your appearance and professionalism along with a great giving and not taking attitude.  Then let word of mouth do the trick when you exchange information and cell phone numbers.  Networking will create a great shift up in sales when your new book drops, and the word of mouth, even up front sales for pre-orders, will increase as well.

Those are just a few tips on getting the most from your book before its release.  The audience must be in place before the release of project.  Sometimes this can take more than six months, but when the book is finally released, you have a ready made market desiring this project that they’ve been hearing so much about.


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