Beat Writer’s Block With Five Quick Tips & Get To Writing Again!

Beat Writer’s Block With Five Quick Tips & Get To Writing Again!

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It happens to every writer at least once, and the thing that’s being spoken of is writer’s block. An author or writer can be deep into a great story, but then suddenly it happens. What comes next? How do I get there? What in the world? Huh? Then comes the part where the author makes the attempt to continue, but fails horribly, making way to the thought of tossing the whole thing and starting over.

Well, before doing that, here are some tips for overcoming the all too familiar writers block:

  • Have Some Fun

Whenever the stressful situation of writer’s block comes, one perfect way to beat it is to simply put the project away and have some fun doing whatever it is that you like to do. Visit friends, go out to eat, do the theater, play ball, spend quality time with the family – all these things carry the potential of bringing on that much needed relaxation to give your mind a break.

  • Sleep

Sometimes, the only reason a writer can’t write is due to lack of sleep. Therefore, it’s important to get the much needed rest that your body is struggling to get for you. Stop fighting it! After that much needed sleep, you will have no choice but to wake up refreshed and ready to write.

  • Finish Other Tasks

At times, the stress of knowing that you have something else pressing to do besides write will stagnate your creativity. Therefore, it’s always wise to complete as many other important tasks as you can prior to writing on any creative project. Doing this will allow more creative juices to flow, and lower your stress level.

  • Write on Another Story

This one has worked for me in the past, and that is write on another story! Many people can’t write on two or three creative pieces at a time, however, if you can, it’s a great way to defeat writer’s block quickly.  Write an essay, a blog post, short story or even start on another novel.  All of it works the same way against remaining in that box called BLOCK.

  • Meditate/Exercise

Last but not least is meditation and exercise. Both or one of these is always fabulous. I pray each and everyday for my own spiritual well being, and this is what helps me to relax, not worry and continue on my day in with a positive and productive approach while being God inspired. Putting in the sweat with a bit of physical exercise is always good because sitting and writing all the time isn’t great for blood flow. Movement is key for a well functioning body and brain and topped with great prayer time – SUPER! Beats writer’s block every time!

So remember, every once in a while, writer’s block comes, but these are some sure fire techniques that can potentially get you flowing with the creativity once again and soon.


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