Book Sales Down? There May Be 3 Big Reasons Why!

Book Sales Down? There May Be 3 Big Reasons Why!

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You’ve spent hours upon countless weeks writing what you consider the perfect book, and now that it’s released to the public, the book isn’t selling – at all. The absolute first question you ask yourself is why? Throughout the writing of your book, you possibly had a thorough outline, figured out the best possible route a character should take, and even reviewed each and every point of grammar in the entire manuscript. However, did you take the same care in figuring out a marketing strategy? Find out the three biggest reasons why your book sales may be in the negative below.

You Told No One

How on the face of the planet is anyone going to invest in your project…any project…if absolutely no one, minus the couple of close friends you associate with know, about it?  If you haven’t studied your target market nor figured out a great strategy for getting the good news out about your book to not only people you know, but strangers, there is no way that book sales are coming quickly. As a matter of fact, because no one knew about your book prior to its completion and release, it’s highly possible that you have set yourself into backwards movement and no forward success.

Both Your Book Cover And Synopsis Are Bland

Let’s say you told many people about your book.  You’ve done the foot, phone, cards and social networking, however, the book releases, and no one is buying.  Did you check your cover and synopsis?  As far as the cover, does it scream read me?  What about is the synopsis pleasing to the imagination?  Unfortunately, many times a book is judged by its cover, so forget what you learned in grade school.  Not only that, a book has always been judged by a synopsis, therefore, pay more attention to the hook, and hook your audience.

The Price Isn’t Right For The Package

Have you ever picked up a book and the package doesn’t quite match the price?  For instance, the topic is so interesting while the binding is thinner than your pinky finger, but the price is thicker than your thumb.  Something isn’t quite right.  Be sure that there is a balance with your package and your book’s price, or it will be hard to sell your book for many reasons, especially if you are a brand new author.  No one wants to spend twenty dollars on a fifteen page book unless they are forced to do so in college for a crazy professor.  Therefore, be sure the price is fair for the information (which at times is priceless) and size of the book.

These are three very basic things that every author must evaluate before attempting to rake in the sales for a project.  As an author, if you notice that you didn’t price right, grab the audience with your book cover or synopsis and the most important, didn’t tell anyone, well, say good-bye to great book sales.  Try again next time.



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