E-Book Or Paperback? What’s The BIG Difference?

E-Book Or Paperback? What’s The BIG Difference?

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We now live in a generation of mover choices than we have ever had when it comes to technology and how we read.  In today’s time, books can be read on just about any device that has a screen and power which means that there is great competition for the paper or hardback book…or is there?  Let’s look at the major differences between digital books and paperbacks to find out if either one will eventually fade away.


E-books versus Paperback

  • E-books need a power source, basically a charged battery in a device whether it be a phone, tablet or computer.  Paperbacks need absolutely nothing. They never turn off. Simply hold them up, turn on a light and read.
  • A super quality about E-books is that it holds your spot without all the bending back of pages. Of course, we all know that if you drop a paperback book and lose your page, you must do the flip and find. With an E-book, all that is taken care of for you. Simply tap the book and it’s there, right where you left off.
  • Technically, you don’t own your e-book. Bummer right? Yes, you could potentially lose all of what you have bought due to a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that is basically summed up in the e-books are LICENSED to you. Therefore, you really don’t OWN them as you would a paperback. With a paperback, OWNERSHIP is forever. Someone could snatch your book from your book bag, and you could call it a theft type ownership.
  • E-books provide so much more space as they are all piled onto one device. Paperback books require the owner to have a shelf, box or room to store all the super books they’ve acquired over the years.
  • E-books cost far less than their paperback versions, but for obvious reasons…i.e. ownership. For the person or people who prefer this route, this is their ticket to getting the same story for less cost. For those who prefer the hardback, I can totally understand why. What if you forget the charger for your device, spill a drink or plain crack the screen on the tablet? See what I mean… Oh yeah, and although they pay more for the paperback, they at least really, truly own it.

The best thing about this whole list of comparisons is that each reader can own them BOTH, have the best of both worlds and never miss a beat…well, never miss a book!  Bottom line, all versions of books are here to stay.

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