Learn How to Become and Remain a FACEBOOK FIRST on the Facebook Timeline!

Learn How to Become and Remain a FACEBOOK FIRST on the Facebook Timeline!

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Since Facebook has rolled out the new way for users to prioritize what and who they see first on their timelines, it will become crucial to many when marketing to be one of the first people or pages that people see when they sign in to view their Facebook timelines. Therefore, learn a couple of ways to build your rank to being one of those people or pages that everyone wants to view as soon as they arrive on Facebook.

Interesting Posts

By all means, make your posts on Facebook useful for your audience. It’s very important, now more than ever, to be consistent with creating content that your audience can not only see, but fall in love with and actually desire in their everyday life. The type of content that you will create is solely dependent on the audience that you desire and the audience that you currently have.  Therefore, keep them interested by giving them what they are interested in which should be what interests you, as an author and person.


Be Consistent & Timely

Facebook First timeline prioritizing is now more than ever about timing of your posts and consistency.  Let’s say someone wakes up in the morning and looks at their timeline, you want to be there.  Now, you can actually be there EVERY MORNING if you reach them in such a great manner that they want to see your posts.

Don’t let them down.  Have something to say amazing or informative, and it won’t be long that people expect to stay current all because of you.  This a super way to build your brand each and everyday.  With your Page, you can even schedule when your posts go out about your books, music or anything that you are promoting.  The best thing about it is that they will love SHARING and SEEING your post first, so be consistent and timely, so that you meet your audience’s expectations.

It’s just that simple.  Keep doing what you’re doing but this time remember that you may be the first thing someone sees in the morning, so make it count!  Become a Facebook First!

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