Learn How To Give Books Away For Free The Right Way

Learn How To Give Books Away For Free The Right Way

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There is a massive free books giveaway on every side, and unfortunately, most authors end up giving away free books with no real kick back.  It’s true.  It should be understood that free books should be given away with a plan, or goal, in mind, therefore, there should be a standard as to who and where you will promote your books for free to get the most benefit from the marketing.

Honest and Real Reviewers

When handing out books freely, the author must always think of the kick back, or the results of the free promotion.  With the fifty or so books that will be delivered freely, some of the first people you want to have your book PRIOR to the release are real reviewers.  Sure, you can garnish reviews after the book release, but it is best if you can lock in your book reviews before the release so that you will have what are called endorsements.  These endorsements can even be written inside your book or on the back cover as well as in promos for all to see, thus, legitimizing your book to readers.  Professional reviewers tend to give great reviews for books they enjoy, but hesitate on degrading a book for it’s lack of substance.  Many tend to simply discuss things with the author privately, however, in this day in age, online reviews and reviewers are a dime a dozen.  Therefore, keep in mind who you reward with a free copy of your book.  Research who is a seasoned pro and who isn’t, so that your book will be able to stand with solid backing.

 Book Festivals

Book festivals are always fun.  I tend to give away at least three books at a festival via random drawings.  I enjoy interacting with the public and readers who come to show their support for the works at Akirim Press, therefore, it comes easy to give away books to people who are truly interested in what you do.  READERS attend book festivals and book signings, and that means that most books that you give away will be read.  Many times, giving books away at a musical event or a golfing event are a waste of time because some of the people there aren’t there sole for books.  A book festival is more focused on the theme at hand, so they are scouting for great books as soon as they step foot in the venue making book festivals a super place to freely give away samples of your projects as a great marketing strategy.


One of the great things about giveaways at schools or churches is that you can do it in several ways.  My favorites are to GIVE BACK to the organization with every sold book.  For instance, universities and many churches have book clubs and book stores.  I have offered my books with a portion of proceeds to the organization before, and even given away copies of books to the clergy or professors/teachers.  Word of mouth spreads, and the best part about it is that at a scheduled book signing, you can always give back through donations with an obvious goal in mind – to help someone else.

Sure, authors can give away their books to whomever they will. Besides, it’s their own personal choice, but do remember that you are your business, and even McDonald’s will go under if they gave too much away. It doesn’t make great business sense…especially if you can’t keep your electricity on in order to type up and print out your best seller. That takes revenue…not just thumbs ups.


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