Learn the Importance of Planning An Author MEET & GREET

Learn the Importance of Planning An Author MEET & GREET

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Do you remember your very first favorite someone such as a celebrity? Whether that celebrity was in music, fashion or another form of the arts, it was that celebrity that you had come to know, love and adore via their projects, creations or talents. Because you were such a fan of this particular individual, you had always wanted to meet that person somehow and in some way.

If you can remember this strong desire, then you must understand why it is important that every author take time out at some points during the years to meet and greet the people who have been a strong support to their projects. Fans come from all over just to meet and greet the person whom they see is the true talent behind all of their entertainment. Book clubs, book festivals, schools and more are waiting for the chance to ask questions, take photos with and just say hi or thank you for the thought, time and energy that you, the author, put into the book or books that they thoroughly enjoy.

Not only that, it’s fantastic to meet all those wonderful readers that you appreciate for giving the time and energy to place on your books! This is why the Author Meet & Greet is so important, and while it takes plenty planning, it is all worth it for yourself and your readers. Everyone wins in this case because unique bonds are made along with lasting impressions, and readers get to learn about future projects and gain more of the inside scoop on the author that they can get nowhere else.

Therefore, be certain to choose convenient times of the year where readers and fans know how they can attend your Author Meet & Greet event. It’s well worth it and full of fun.

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