Learn What Your Book’s EDIT Means For Your Book!

Learn What Your Book’s EDIT Means For Your Book!

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Yestaday, I went to the store to by some bread, adn decided to pik up a book. This sentence is an example of one that has obviously missed the mark when it comes to the re-read, review and editing process. The truth is that every book has errors, whether the reader catches them or not. Readers generally aren’t looking for them upon interest in reading a book, however, they will definitely end up tripping over them if there are too many to number on their fingers and toes. This type of stumbling over words will ultimately ruin the reading experience that the author is trying to convey. Therefore, it is the author’s responsibility to make sure that their project isn’t just a wonderful story, but a story that doesn’t turn the reader off due to something as fixable as grammar or typos. This is why it’s important for authors to find out why it’s crucial to have a well edited book.

The first reason for having a well edited project is that it PROTECTS the story. Time and time again, a terrific idea is brutalized by a horribly edit.  In order for you, as the author, to protect your idea from bombing, a couple of great edits are well worth it. No, the book’s edit may not destroy every ounce of error, however, a book with little errors goes further than one with plenty. Love your story enough to PROTECT it from attack, burn and ultimate fail.

In order to get one’s point across effectively in a book or written project, the story has to make sense, meaning it must be worded properly to deliver the proper POWER to the audience. Imagine a non-fiction, self help type of book that has tremendous potential yet it’s either too wordy or just plain confusing. This is where a copy editor comes into play to make certain – to the best or his or her ability – that the wording flows just right and packs the punch that it needs to deliver the blow. Think of it this way, authors can weaken the power of their books if all readers get from it is a huge amount of confusion and the feeling that the project is a rush job.

Lastly, authors want to PROVIDE a great experience in any book they write. Providing readers with a breath of fresh air and not a waste of time is explosive when it comes to great word of mouth for books. Not only do book sales gain speed because the reader gained something special from it, but it also gives the reader an author name they can trust. With a good book edit prior to its release to the public, the masses won’t have to focus on plethora of errors that overshadow the insight the book provides.

Teherfore uathors protetc your work with a good edit, give it powre and provide the reader withe what is expectted, or things will turn out horrible just like this final sintence.

This article was written by author Mirika Mayo Cornelius.  
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