Lost? How To Know Which Way To Go With BOOK PUBLISHING?

Lost? How To Know Which Way To Go With BOOK PUBLISHING?

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After finishing any book, the question sometimes still remains – what on earth do I do next, self-publish, pitch to a publishing company, or just let it sit in my drawer and collect dust?

The truth is, the answer on what to do next with a manuscript is all based on the individual. Some authors may want to have total control and actually like the “go get it” attitude of making things happen on their own as a self-publisher. Fame and major contracts/labels may have absolutely nothing to do with their drive, but rather, making a living doing what they love doing most with total control.

Other authors may want the initial push that can come with being branded with a publishing company, along with the advance and maybe even fame that comes with it. Instead of getting out there and putting in the work basically alone or with a small crowd, they prefer a larger and more connected source who can possibly propel their book into the hands of far more people on its release.

Then, there are other people who are more reserved.  They would rather keep their works to themselves, and that’s enough satisfaction for them. They may just care for open mic nights or small groups of people with whom to share their works, forgetting altogether about becoming the main attraction of a number one seller.

Truly, the only way to know what will work out, or is best for you, is to know YOURSELF.  Figure out if your writing is a hobby or something that you would like to do until the day you die, making it something that potentially completes you as a person.  Maybe your writing is more something you want as a career, to earn money and make a true profession as an author.  Is it fame and success you want, and what are you willing to do or write for it?

With every choice, including writing, depending what avenue you choose, there is a give and take.  Know what you’re willing to let go of and also know what you want to gain.  Both are equally important.  Research every possibility and match these possibilities with the desires for your writing future that you just can’t walk away from.  Not only will your writing career count on it, but having peace and happiness in your writing career does as well.

Remember, just because one author goes one route doesn’t mean it’s the best avenue for you.

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