Talk, Tell, And Travel – 3 Of The Biggest Things That Market Your Book

Talk, Tell, And Travel – 3 Of The Biggest Things That Market Your Book

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It’s one thing to have published a fabulous book, but what good is it when you have no one to share it with?  (Have you heard something similar to this saying before?) Well, it’s totally true.  You may be the one author that has the best book out this year, but without anyone having heard of you or your book, eventually, that work you put in will be done in a little less than vain.  Therefore, read the three tips of Talk, Tell & Travel below that are sure to get the word out about you and your book instantly.


  • Talk

Authors write.  True.  This isn’t the end of the matter.  Authors must also talk, and they must be willing to talk a lot at times depending on the situation or circumstance.  Authors should talk about all things, but also their book.  There are many ways to bring about conversation surrounding your project, but my favorites are being invited to speak a conferences or small groups for clubs or schools and even better, at book festivals.  This way, I can meet a targeted audience, or those who are listening specifically because they want to hear me speak about my book.


  • Tell

Telling is a part of talking, but telling can be done via social media without having to even open your mouth.  Facebook and twitter are two of the more popular forms of social media, but there are many more.  Blogs, magazines, and newspapers are all ways to tell about your book indirectly, and this definitely adds to the sales in my opinion.


  • Travel

When I published my first book, Secret, I traveled much along with my husband and his first book, Ghetto Eyes.  We both met plenty great people and fellow authors while selling plenty books without a website and without social media.  What does this tell you?  Traveling is a must!  Go to book festivals around the country, and as long as your product is fantastic, you will generate much buzz about your book!


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