Three Creative Ways To Market Your New Book

Three Creative Ways To Market Your New Book

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All authors know the basic forms of book promotion such as having items like business cards, postcards, social media, word of mouth and so forth. However, there are even more ways to get the word out about your new book creatively and with a whole world of fun!

1. Start a Boutique

A fun, creative and possibly even lucrative way to promote your new book or upcoming books is to start a boutique. Your boutique should certainly be aimed at those who love things written and maybe even sly on such items as T-Shirts or even jewelry. Not only should the items be eye catching, but they should also maintain the ability to spark interest in your books. This takes creativity but it can and has been done.

2. Provide Unique Party Gifts

Providing unique party gifts works especially well in gift bags at birthday parties and showers. Something as simple as a jazzy excerpt of your book on the back of a postcard with ordering information and website rolled up with a nice candy kiss adds a nice plug for the taste buds and your project. Readers are everywhere and some may even read the excerpt at the party and create a buzz, therefore, make book preview juicy!

3. Launch a Strong and Exciting BLOG

Before launching this new blog, be aware that it will take some time away from your writing. If you can handle it, go for it because blog readers are depending on you to keep them informed everyday or week, depending on your flow. Launching a blog gives authors the avenue needed to expand their reach to those who wouldn’t necessary find them via another route. Face it, the book market is fairly huge, and it seems nearly impossible to get atop the pile of wonderful books so that readers can notice yours. Therefore, it’s very important to make yourself social via the internet, and if you choose to do so, a blog is the way to go.

Again, all authors must market their books whether they are branded by a major publishing company or doing it all on their own. The important thing is to let people know that your book exists, matters and is a great read! These three ways get the word out about your book to a variety of audiences without too much foot work.

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