Find Out Three Ways To Meet Your Writing Goals Every Time

Find Out Three Ways To Meet Your Writing Goals Every Time

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As a writer, your desire is to create something great, something that will influence everyone.  However, one of the items distracting you from meeting your writing goals is time management.  Here are three sure fire ways to meet your writing goals every time, and come out on top when it comes to creating the project you’ve always wanted to create.

1.  Set aside at time frame of at least one to two hours to writing time each day after taking care of everything else you have to do.  It’s basic logic to know that once you have all your daily responsibilities done and out of the way that you can relax.  This is the best time to give yourself time to write.  Relaxation allows for better focus, therefore, after taking a thirty minute or so time for yourself, delve into writing for an hour or two.   All your other responsibilities are out of the window, lending you the right to write…and write creatively…without a care in the world.

2.  Set a word count goal or written pages goal for each day.  One of the things that works well for writers to meet their goals is to write something everyday.  Starting on a story idea and then putting the story down for weeks only lends to having to reread it again to get the feel of the story back.  Have a constant flow when you write, making time to write on your book every day by setting a word count goal of whatever you like from 500 to 3000 words a day.  Another way you can do it is to set a written pages goal, such as 2 to 5 pages a day.  At this rate, it will take no time to complete your masterpiece.

3. Turn off the internet while working on your book.  The internet is a severe distraction to today’s writers.  Something is always going on when you are sitting at the computer, and when you hit that pause after finishing the next paragraph, it’s tempting to do what?  CHECK THE INTERNET.  Wait until after your set aside writing time is over to browse the web because whether you know it or not, once you find that article that you want to read, you have lost all your writing time.

All three of these items will keep you on pace to becoming the prolific writer that you want to be.  Lay aside stress by keeping to a schedule and be serious about meeting your writing goals because your number one motivator is you.


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