Want To Begin Blogging And Succeed? Get 3 Beginner Blogging Tips Right Now!

Want To Begin Blogging And Succeed? Get 3 Beginner Blogging Tips Right Now!

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There are countless ways to market oneself online as an author, but one of the most desired forms of marketing for an author is starting and running their own blog.  It may seem easy at first, however, I have found that many people, or should I say authors, have many questions about forming it into what I consider a living, breathing being that can communicate with the masses.   Therefore, I’ll give three tips that can get you started on building a blog that you and your readers will love.

First thing is this, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO BLOG ABOUT.  It’s just that simple.  Once you figure out the direction you want your blog to go in and it’s a topic that you truly don’t mind writing about endlessly, then this is where your focus should be.  Prepare all of your articles before hand, and be certain they are polished with the correct and easy to understand information before publishing them.

Narrowing the niche for your blog makes it tons easier to manage, and it helps if you are writing about something that you honestly know about.  Don’t simply “figure” you can write about swimming, and you’ve only taken two lessons and a possible.  The key to starting a blog is knowing yourself enough and being comfortable about the things that you do know that you can share with others without a multitude of mistakes and research, thus increasing your credibility.


Secondly, be certain that your blog is fully functional BEFORE inviting the masses.  Don’t you hate going to a website and there is absolutely nothing on it?  I certainly do.  Don’t become so anxious that you market your blog before actually writing items for people to read.

Give yourself time to grow your blog with so much information, and I say at least more than twenty posts, before broadcasting.  It will make a huge difference in the long run.  Trust me.

And finally, DON’T DO TOO MUCH.  Many people feel that you need to go overboard in the design of a website, and it’s just simply not true.  In fact, some of the least dramatic websites get the most visitors due to what is most important – the content.

For instance, I continue to run a healthcare blog, and I have had it for over seven years now.  It appears fairly bland, however, the content that I share on that particular blog is so useful to the masses that it continues to earn great passive income and gain readers even if I never add another article again…and I haven’t added an article for let’s say two years.

That being stated, never feel like you have to draw people to your blog via glam, unless you are running a fashion website, and even then, make certain you don’t overdo it.  Regardless of what your mind is telling you, most people want simplicity and little to no change once they fall in love with your blog.

Just like anything else, blogging comes with preparation and know how, and it’s these three steps that can help prepare you to take that next step in writing on your own website with a blog.

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