What’s To LOVE About Your Author Bio? Find Out Now!

What’s To LOVE About Your Author Bio? Find Out Now!

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There comes a time in every author’s career where they have to write a bio, and if you’ve covered all bases, more than one bio.  Sure, we all know about ourselves, however, there are certain items that are highly important to include in an author biography for the public to see, read and become interested in you – the author. 

This tends to be the most difficult for most writers – narrowing down their lives into one paragraph or two for the back of a book or the sleeve.  Some authors, such as myself, tend to not even publish an author page inside many of my books because I utilize my website fairly regularly where there is an extensive one.  It’s a personal preference, but I do realize the importance in having one, especially if a brand new author. 

Therefore, I will list basic, yet relevant, information about what must be included in an author bio that readers would love know about their potentially favorite author… if you plan to share.

  • Major Books (three or less most successful projects)
  • Awards, Accolades, Reviews (not full reviews, only one or two worded quotes used as descriptors)
  • Charities and/or other successful projects/outreach
  • Education
  • Website/Social Media

These major items should always be considered when writing an author bio, however, keep the bio as short as possible on or inside your book.  There are places, such as the author’s website, that could be utilized to deliver more detailed specifics if the reader would like to know more.  These five items above provide the reader with contact information, the author’s passions, their professionalism in career, and what others are saying about their work.

Things that shouldn’t ever be included in an author biography on a book or otherwise are listed below:

  • Negativity of any sort, especially toward others
  • Falsehoods (ex. best seller when really on no best sellers list ever)
  • Statements that undercut your position as a published or self-published author
  • A complete story about your upbringing, siblings, family and friends…and let’s not forget pets and their feeding schedule
  • Begging

One rule to remember when writing an author bio is always project yourself professionally, and remember to remain truthful at all times.  A biography doesn’t have to be long winded, however, it must contain all things that are attractive, relevant and present the writer as a serious author in the industry.


Mirika Cornelius at SC BF 2015This article was written by author Mirika Mayo 
Cornelius.  Read more about her at mirikacornelius.com.

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