Why Confidence Is An Important Aspect Of Writing

Why Confidence Is An Important Aspect Of Writing

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The speaker approaches the podium with microphone in hand.  His palms are sweaty, just like the pits of his arms, and the drench has already started to streak all over the back of his shirt.  The air conditioning is on full blast, however, his nerves are shot.  Although there are index cards in front of him to guide him along in his speech, suddenly, he even forgets his name and why he is on stage in the first place.  As a result, when he speaks, nothing really comes out but babble.

The above example depicts a person who is determined to reach his goal of speaking, however, when his feet meet the stage, he cracks.  Thus, instead of his body language portraying a speaker of confidence and power, knowledge and a professional in his craft, it shows lack of confidence, fear and uncertainty.  Although this happens with speaking, believe it or not, it can also happen in the world of writing when writers or authors fall into three major holes during the starting and completion of a manuscript.

1. Second Guessing and Over Thinking

Raise your hand if you are one of those writers who second guess every single sentence you write?  (My hand remains down)  If your hand is up, then it is probably taking you a lengthy period of time to complete your project because of over thinking.  The first thing to remember is that there are many ways to write your story, and therefore, various ways to formulate the sentences in the story.  If you continue to second guess every aspect of each paragraph you write, chances are the book will be either too wordy, not wordy enough or just words with no meaning.  That beings stated, don’t over think the simple things.  Once your point is across, move on.  Allow yourself room to write and not micromanage your creativity because continuing to do so will definitely stifle it.

2.  No Faith In the Project

Too many times writers or authors want to write a book but lack the faith needed in the project to make it a success.  Rule number one in being able to even sell anything is to have confidence in the product.  Therefore, all authors must know that what they have to deliver to readers is their best work each time and is worth every dollar no matter what.  If an author has no faith in their own work, absolutely no one else will either, and it will show in the words of the book as well as when the author speaks of his or her book.

3.  Swallowing Reviews Whole

Listen all authors – reviews are from someone else’s perspective.  That being stated, continue doing what you do through the horrible reviews and the great ones.  There are people who do nothing but deliver bad reviews all day long – no lie.  They live for it, and they do it whether they read the book or not.  Big deal, right?  Most consumers don’t waste time with reviews, and when they do, they can figure out legitimate reviews from those that are fake.

Haven’t we all been on Youtube or any website to see countless comments that discuss the topic and out of the blue there is the comment that makes you scratch your head?  Sure we have.  These are the comments we usually skip because they have no substance.  They are one to four lines of babble, and tend to say nothing about the topic at all, although they love using demeaning adjectives.

Therefore, author know that your book is superb to you, and once you know this, learn to ignore reviews.  Don’t fall in love with the great ones as to keep your ego in check, yet be proud that someone likes your work.  However, ignore the meaningless reviews.  If there are reviews that give great pointers to make your next project better, take heed to those at times, but for the most part, never swallow any review whole.  Instead, LOVE YOUR WORK prior to the release so that nothing will change that or make you run and hide under a rock, thus, lose confidence.

Again, writing is an artform.  Have confidence in what you do, a confidence so strong that it can’t be shaken by over thinking, reviews or a lack of faith.

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