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Akirim Press To Release Sci-Fi Author Cyan Deane’s How To Survive The End In February 2021

Columbia, SC – Akirim Press Publishing to release Science Fiction author Cyan Deane’s apocalyptic dystopian science fiction book How To Survive the End on February 1, 2021. When the entire world is in full collapse and devastation, the question now becomes – how do we survive the end? This is the question that a teenage […]

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New African American Book of Poetry – VERSE – Crosses the Ocean and Back Again


Akirim Press author Mirika Mayo Cornelius Debuts New Book VERSE – African American Poetry, Complete With Short Story “Black Love’s New Nation” Columbia, SC – Akirim Press Publishing releases African American book of poetry from bestselling author of Secret and Curse the Cotton, Mirika Mayo Cornelius. VERSE is the poetic expression of Black Love and […]

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Author Mirika Mayo Cornelius Launches Black Entrepreneur History

Black Entrepreneur History

Co-founder and author at Akirim Press Mirika Mayo Cornelius launches Black Entrepreneur History. Black Entrepreneur History covers all things Black and Entrepreneur, from the past to the present, while presenting the information as a one stop for present future generations to enjoy a wealth of information that is constantly updated. “I wanted to create a […]

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Author Rod Cornelius Launches Royalty In Black Apparel Line

Co-owner, founder and author at Akirim Press, Rod Cornelius has launched Royalty In Black, a brand new apparel line that uplifts and empowers the black community in a variety of ways. Rod Cornelius is the author of such best selling books as Ugly and He Beats Me, and he is also a graphic designer. Visit […]

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Author Mirika Mayo Cornelius Launches BOSS Black Female Entrepreneur Channel

Mirika Mayo Cornelius

Co-owner, founder and author at Akirim Press has launched the BOSS Black Female Entrepreneur Channel on YouTube. Covering entrepreneurship, she even goes back in history each week with a full Black Entrepreneur History where she takes the stories of past black entrepreneurs and explores the lessons the teach present and future generations about entrepreneurship, preparing […]

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LET ME OUT Earns #1 New Release in African American Horror

Let Me Out by Mirika Mayo Cornelius, upon release, has reached #1 New Release in the category of African American Horror Fiction on Amazon. Let Me Out is about a few friends who allow the curiosity of one lead them into an unfamiliar situation that isn’t as safe as they all believe, making their escape […]

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