Author Mirika Mayo Cornelius Launches Black Entrepreneur History

Author Mirika Mayo Cornelius Launches Black Entrepreneur History


Co-founder and author at Akirim Press Mirika Mayo Cornelius launches Black Entrepreneur History.

Black Entrepreneur History covers all things Black and Entrepreneur, from the past to the present, while presenting the information as a one stop for present future generations to enjoy a wealth of information that is constantly updated.

“I wanted to create a revolving online home for black entrepreneurship. When I say revolving, I mean a place that builds on its own, constantly updating with present and past black entrepreneur news, in order that as we move forward in future, there will be a place that easily connects the past with the present in real time, not scattered, but easily found among brand new and exciting African American startups and businesses. It’s work, but I’m willing to do the work because it’s necessary.” – Mirika Mayo Cornelius

Much of Black Entrepreneur History that will be added over time comes with new unique facts about black entrepreneurs, and she will add her own surprises to the website by 2021.

Visit Black Entrepreneur History as it grows here.

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