New African American Book of Poetry – VERSE – Crosses the Ocean and Back Again

New African American Book of Poetry – VERSE – Crosses the Ocean and Back Again


Akirim Press author Mirika Mayo Cornelius Debuts New Book VERSE – African American Poetry, Complete With Short Story “Black Love’s New Nation”

Columbia, SC – Akirim Press Publishing releases African American book of poetry from bestselling author of Secret and Curse the Cotton, Mirika Mayo Cornelius.

VERSE is the poetic expression of Black Love and Black rage, Black joy and Black sorrow, Black sensitivities and Black sacrifice, Black wounds and Black pride, Black beauty and Black hope, Black strength and Black power.

An honest and raw book of poetry, combating the past with the present, the truth against lies, complete with a short story in full verse- Black Love’s New Nation – that ties the black lives of black lovers torn apart by the ocean from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to give birth to rage, hope, fight, forgiveness and freedom, all bathed in reuniting, yet emotionally and psychologically scarred bloodlines, both lost and found again in Black America.

VERSE is available on Amazon, digitally and paperback.

Mirika  Mayo Cornelius

Bestselling multi-genre author Mirika Mayo Cornelius is an entrepreneur, educator and professional content creator. Having graduated Pre-Med from the University of South Carolina with a BS in Biology, she turned down the Medical College of Georgia on the first day of classes to pursue a path that she’d always loved and had a natural gift towards, and that is writing and storytelling.

Over the years, Mirika has founded and is chief editor and content creator of multiple websites and blogs, interviewed multiple celebrities and authors, and released over thirty stories – novels, novellas, and short stories as a multi-genre author while co-founding, along with her husband author Rod Cornelius, their independent publishing house Akirim Press and, an apparel line.

She is chief editor and founder of, which is a regenerating source of black entrepreneur history and apparel line Read To Freedom. She is also an Optician and graphic designer.

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