Amazon Prime Subscription Price To Possibly INCREASE!

Amazon Prime Subscription Price To Possibly INCREASE!

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Amazon delivered major news today concerning its Amazon Prime subscriptions, stating that it may possibly increase from $20 to $40, according to a report from CNBC.

For those who aren’t familiar with Amazon Prime, feel free to read up on the free Amazon instant video, free 2 day shipping and more at Amazon Prime. In a nutshell, it basically gives all its subscribers perks and bonuses that one may not get without a membership. One of the greatest things about Amazon Prime is the fact that readers with a kindle are allowed to freely borrow books (one at a time) from a variety of titles which vary from month to month.

If you like that and if you have been enjoying those perks, soon your wallet may be hit a bit harder in that crunch to enjoy a large number of books on your kindle. The price hike isn’t set in stone nor has it gone into effect as of yet, but due to revenue not meeting expectations, Amazon is looking at their options. For now, one of those options to fix the revenue stream is to go for the PRIME.

As big and with as many expansions as Amazon is making continuously, more than likely, there will deliver even more bang somehow with their possible increase in buck, therefore, readers, don’t fret. This is their very first increase in many years with PRIME.

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