Expecting E-Books To Drive Paperbacks Away? Think Again.

Expecting E-Books To Drive Paperbacks Away? Think Again.

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Ever since the e-book revolution, people have wondered if it would send paper and hardbacks to doom, dust, and despair.  With the way I see it, not so.  Here are three reasons why.

1.  E-books aren’t owned.  They have no worth.  You can’t pass them down from generation to generation in a tangible way. Therefore, what would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in antiquity won’t be…if it is an e-book.  E-books, and I hate to put it this way, are a quick fix for the reader who truly enjoys reading or for the reader who wants to spend less for the book and loves digital.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all.  However, there is pretty much a generation that will be here for at least sixty or seventy more years that grew up flipping pages through a book they can handle in both hands.  Therefore, if you’re waiting on e-books to end the old regular book, don’t.  Have you looked around?  Libraries are still standing.  Now when they go, you’re on to something.

2.  Sometimes, books are just good to look at…on a physical book shelf.  For goodness sake, who wants a bookshelf with no books.  I know, it sounds trivial, but think about it.  What does your bookshelf look like with just one lone tablet sitting there…with floral arrangements and pictures taking up the space?  Not good.  But wait, are you talking about that virtual bookshelf that you have to turn on to thumb through when it would have been easier to just use your eyeballs to glance up onto your bookshelf to recall that familiar title that you forgot about?  Exactly.  Some things are just easier and more prestigious looking the old, bulky way.

3.  Children tend to break tablets.  Let’s just keep it real.  They will destroy a tablet in less than thirty minutes given the right circumstances.  The devices that e-books are stored on just tend to cost about ten to twenty books at the least, so if you want your child to pick up the great and wonderful habit of reading, stick to the books made for preschoolers…you know the awesomely hard books that if they toss in a rage they will only smile back type of books.  Yeah, there is definitely no way children’s books are taking a back seat to e-books at all.  E-books know this and so should you.

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