Five Ways To Choose A Really Great Book

Five Ways To Choose A Really Great Book

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It’s a new day.  We live in a world of e-books along with paperbacks and hardbacks, the internet and tablets along with fingertips that still turn pages.  It even seems that everyone is becoming a WRITER/AUTHOR, whether they are published by a major publishing company or self published because, let’s all face it…THEY ARE BOTH PUBLISHED.

That means we have an even bigger selection of books to choose from at all times and at all prices.  This also may have a negative kickback to the reader who is at a loss on how to choose a really great book.  Have no fear.  There are ways to ensure that you select a book that is worth the read, and I will list five.

1.  Open the book and read at least three to five pages… of any page in the book.  The fact of the matter is that you want to select a book that is professionally written.  There are many books out now that haven’t been edited, the grammar is horrendous, and most of all, they jump from italics to bold, regular print from page to page while the text is jumbo in size (to only make the book appear longer) instead of the regular 12 font that gives you the proper page count.  Yes, there are things inside books, that go beyond the bright and beautiful cover, that will shock.  In order to abstain from the not so legible book, simply open and read three to five pages in the book, starting from anywhere.  Then, you will see, more than likely, if the author really put in the effort to make the book a well rounded read for you.

2.  Bypass reviews…because they are a thing of the past.  Listen, now that everyone is writing a book, the last thing that can be trusted is a book review.  There is something called ethics that have already been broken when it comes to book reviews, and it is extremely obvious.  Reviews, nowadays and especially with the internet, can’t be trusted due to the overwhelming desire for some to post fake, scandalous reviews.  Some fake reviews are awful one line zingers meant only to deter the poor, easily influenced person to not buy the book while some are terrifically crafted baits to again…snag the easily influenced reader.  (The reviews of course come from other authors with sometimes multiple accounts)  The mind is tricky and can be tricked.  Don’t allow reviews to influence your decision.  Open the book and read what you can.  Make your decision by also…

3. Reading the synopsis.  Okay, this is an easy one, but I can’t tell you how many people look at a book cover and buy…only to be disappointed and say…”the only reason I bought this book was because of the cover.”  Sigh.  Then comes the refund.  Look, ART -with all it’s colors and thrill – is just what it is…ART made into a BOOK COVER.  Don’t get caught up in judging a book by the cover when you don’t even have a grand prize for the winner!  Are you going to hang the cover up on the wall of your home and adore it every time you walk by?  Didn’t think so.  Read the synopsis.  This is what will give you TRUE feel for what the book is all about.  After all, the Bible is the most interesting and best reads in the world, and it looks plain as ever on the outside.  Think…how many movies have you seen based off of it?  Exactly.  There’s my point.  Wonderful book.  The next time you see a flashy, eye-grabbing cover, applaud the book cover designer.  Actually READ the book to decide if applauding the author is worthwhile.  No shade intended.

4.  Know what you want before you buy.  Before purchasing a book, whether it be a full novel, novella, or short story, know what you want before purchasing, especially with an ebook.  Back in the day, the only way you could measure a book is by its thickness and flipping to the last page to see exactly how many pages are inside.  There was no surprise.  If you are an e-booker, use do diligence by looking at the estimated number of pages in the e-book before downloading.  If you want a novel, you will definitely see the novel size versus a short story size.  Save yourself the disappointment of thinking the book was some size that it wasn’t.  Remember, it’s right there in the description.

5.  Finally, don’t ALWAYS go for the cheapest thing…or the FREE thing – minus times when authors will be running a special release price on their book.   Other than that, face it.  When you go to work for eight hours a day, the last thing you want to happen after two weeks of hard work is the boss to come to you and give you a hand shake and say job well done.  Heck no!  You’re looking for a paycheck!  The same with the author.  They put in MUCH work to entertain, and to desire great books…I said great books…all the time…I said ALL THE TIME…for free or 99 cents just really isn’t going to get you that all time favorite unforgettable book much of the time.  

Splurge a little.  $3.99 to $8.99 isn’t too much for certain e-books at all, and $15 for a paperback isn’t bad either.  Shoot, it’s the price of a happy meal…kinda…but then you’re what?  HUNGRY AGAIN.  Sometimes, you have to pay for a decent meal just like you have to pay for a great book.  It will be worth every penny.




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