Have You Heard About AMAZON’S New WRITE ON?

Have You Heard About AMAZON’S New WRITE ON?

Posted on by akirimpress

Amazon has launched a very new and open to all authors platform called Write On by Kindle.  It is crafted to allow any and all writers of every kind to upload their stories for all to read perfectly free, and at the same time, gain valuable feedback from people who read any and all genres.

If you’re familiar with Wattpad, then you know exactly what Write On is similar to becoming.  There are house rules that come into play, so don’t go there thinking that you are allowed to upload work that isn’t yours first of all.  Number two, play by the rules of respect while not spamming.  There are more common sense rules to posting and socializing on the site and you can get them all at Write On right now.

This is another great way to exercise your right to run your own show at Write On, so get your work out there today.

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