Lay-Offs Happening At Barnes & Noble’s NOOK

Lay-Offs Happening At Barnes & Noble’s NOOK

Posted on by akirimpress

Not only had the news of major executives leaving in the past months rocked Nook’s boat, but now there is a report from the New York Times that Barnes & Noble is cutting jobs at NOOK.  Through their troubles, the report does state that there isn’t a plan to get out of the digital game any time soon, despite the job losses which are less than one hundred.

Let’s all face it.  Nook has had its share of downs, and it seems that the downs keep coming.  That doesn’t mean that NOOK is a sinking ship for good.  From an outsider looking in, marketing seems to be its main problem along with stiff competition.  It seems as if NOOK should concentrate on digital offerings in areas that their competitors can’t and won’t match for a while.  Until then, we can only hope that NOOK will pick up the pace because it will be a shame if they ever  bottom out.

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