Thinking About Writing A Book? Try Amazon’s Kindle Scout Out!

Thinking About Writing A Book? Try Amazon’s Kindle Scout Out!

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The process by which runway or fashion models are hunted down on the streets of major and minor cities is called scouting.  Flip that and make the scouting take place online but with books, where the public votes on which book or books will be published for an advance and 50% royalty.  Does it sound like a good deal for a writer who has never published?  Maybe.

I’m talking about Amazon’s Kindle Scout.  It’s sort of a crowdsourced platform where writers submit their material in hopes to gain votes, or fans, for their work.  From there, whoever “wins” gets their book published through amazon with their terms.

It sounds like a good deal for writers uncertain about their writing future.  By having people weigh in prior to the publication, whether with Amazon or not, would help boost confidence in their material, thus, lead them to more projects.  The advance isn’t huge, however, the writer in this case, may not have a huge following either, and remember, advances generally must be paid back.  This is the reason it’s call an advance.  Therefore, the author truly wants the book to sell, sell, sell and that is what’s great about Scout – people have already scouted you out or you’ve asked them to cast their vote for you (such as friends, family, twitter and fb fam etc) and are ready to buy when it’s all over if you are published.

It’s an okay deal for those who want to solicit a lot for votes, but well worth it if you can.  By that time, however, you may have already had enough time to publish the book anyway on your own.  Besides, the solicitations did all the marketing for you.


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