Diggin' GoldDIGGIN’ GOLD

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There’s not a woman alive that wants a man that doesn’t have anything.
The same holds true for Kizzy Washington. Now, Kizzy doesn’t want any old, average dude that’s trying to make ends meet. She needs a man that can provide her with plenty of cash and all the glamorous things her heart desires. Kizzy Washington is a gold digger and there is no shame in her game! So when Kizzy zeroes in on that guy that can provide her with everything she lusts for, she’s willing to do anything, and I do mean ANYTHING to snag him.

Kizzy has been spending the last couple of years working as a waitress at a small town diner waiting for a Rich Casanova to come in and sweep her off her feet so she can take him for all he has. When she finds out one of the elderly patrons that’s been sitting up under her nose for years could possess all the riches she’s been in search of, she goes in for the KILL. But will her gold digging ambitions get the best of her and give her much more than she bargains for?

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