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Ghetto EyesGHETTO EYES (an anthology)

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When Brenda gets fed up with her abusive husband, she seeks refuge in a stranger from out of town. But will the secret he’s hiding be too explosive for her to handle?

Victor Jackson gets caught up in some major drama while shopping for a wedding band with his good friend, Spencer. When he spots his soon to be millionaire father-in-law snuggled up tightly with a chick half his age at the mall, in broad daylight he quickly comes up with a scheme to profit off of his little discovery by giving up the goods to the Misses. All HELL BREAKS loose when Victor gets more than a simple cash payment from the desperate housewife!

Trish and Maggie are the best of friends despite their different ethnicities. Will a deadly day at the mall reveal to them they were never as close as they thought they were?

Ghetto Eyes Includes the original stories ‘The Best Kept Secrets, When It Comes Around & On One Southern Day’

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