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CURSE THE COTTON Kindle Google Play Nook  iTunes Life on the plantation for a Negro woman was already worse than any livelihood that existed, but when the wealthiest “massah” in the area destroys the only grasp on true, unquenchable love that Shelone has left to live for, her thirst for revenge is unleashed, starting in […]

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MOST WANTED FELON Amazon Kindle Nook iTunes Google Play From the outside looking in, China Daniels lives the life every woman dreams of – nice home, lovely daughter, and a wonderful marriage. But in reality, things could not be further from the truth. At the discovery of a secret that her loving husband has desperately […]

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FIRST DEGREE SINS Amazon Kindle Nook iTunes Google Play When a woman is scorned by a foolish husband and a reckless mistress, things lead down a chaotic path in only 24 hours, especially when Lisa Caldwell returns home to a vicious blood bath, her floors drenched throughout the hall to the living room. This catapults […]

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